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Chestermere Women’s Crisis Society Launches!

Chestermere, AB - Chestermere Women’s Crisis Society (CWCS) is a community based non-profit society, organized to collaborate and liaise with existing resources that provide emergency shelter, counselling services, legal resources, clothing and food security to vulnerable women in the community who may be experiencing domestic abuse or require assistance with providing basic needs for themselves and their children.

“We started the Chestermere Women’s Group 9 years ago to offer women a place of belonging, acceptance, and friendship. This social group grew over the years into something much more. Along with the social aspect, we grew into volunteering, donating, and helping others. We are a trusted group in this community, advocating for women. Because of this, women started to contact us for more than friendship and social gatherings. An ugly truth reared its head during the pandemic. Women needed our help with a variety of issues. For the last 2 years we have been working diligently behind the scenes with local law enforcement, Victim Services and other community partners to help fill this need” - Morgan Matheson CWCS President.

Acting as a liaison, CWCS’s role is to coordinate resources to provide assistance to women in crisis.

Emergency Shelter: Access to an immediate, safe place to stay for 24-48 hours

Basic Needs Support: Assistance with accessing basic needs such as food, clothing and transportation

Court Support: Volunteers may be available to support women meeting lawyers or attending court within the Rocky View Regional Municipality area

Housing Support: We can help you find furniture and move in to a new home, then help you transition out of your current residence

Community Navigation: Help find employment, resume writing, where to find financial assistance, legal problems, health and wellness, and more. This includes advocacy, referrals, resource finding, education and more

We are a community minded organization advocating for women to thrive, achieve stability, raise awareness, provide supportive counselling programs, referrals, and Outreach Services. A place where women can receive information and support so that they do not have to go through their situation alone.

“There is a huge need in our community for this type of organization. When we began hearing the stories of women in our community that were in desperate need of assistance, we knew that something needed to be done. This is a true labor of love and our board of directors have spent countless hours researching, learning and dedicating their time to creating an organization that can bring relief to those in need” - says Michelle Young, CWCS Vice President.

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