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Meet Joanne - CWCS Secretary

My family moved to Chestermere almost 20 years ago. It was the quiet "community" feeling that brought us here. As we have grown to a City, volunteerism has been a driving force that keeps the community feeling alive. Finding time to volunteer was difficult while I worked full time and travelled extensively with my job. However, since retiring 3 years ago, I have been very fortunate to engage in many opportunities to give back to my community. Something I learned during my career working for a global company - if not me, then who, if not now, then when.....

Why I got involved - One thing I have learned over the years, both personally and professionally, is that not everyone wants to tell their story - and that's ok. Not every situation is a crisis - but it feels that way for some. Not every person values their worth - every person has value. Nobody really knows what goes on behind closed doors, Being raised by a single mom, seeing the struggles she faced and the sacrifices she made to ensure my brother and I were safe and loved, helps me empathize and understand the challenges families can have. The biggest hurdle is having the courage to ask for help. The simplest helping hand can make a significant impact on someone's life. Being treated with respect while getting back on your feet and not being stigmatized by receiving helps is so important. The old adage of "it takes a village to raise a family" is very true and I am so blessed to live in a community where residents are giving and kind to their neighbours. It is a privilege for me to work with the amazing founding women of CWCS.

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