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Our Vision

We envision a world without violence against women and a world where women are safe and have easy access to basic needs for themselves and their children.  An effort needs to be made to provide public education as a preventative measure on all forms of abuse and access to basic needs for women and children.



Chestermere Women’s Crisis Society is a community-based non-profit society, organized to collaborate and liaise with existing resources to provide counseling services, legal resources, and clothing and food security to vulnerable women in the community who may be experiencing domestic abuse or require assistance with providing basic needs for themselves and their children.

Portrait in the garden
The Chestermere Women's Crisis Society has given me hope. They have allowed me to begin to recover from my tribulations when my world was upside down. The encouragement, love, support and selflessness this organization has shown in so many ways has kept me going at my rock bottom.
[I experienced] domestic abuse for 9 years with my ex, 6 of which was in Chestermere and I did not have anywhere to run or ask for help to. I am so glad this [organization] is here, visible for women to see.
Let us know if CWCS has made an impact with you or a loved one.
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